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What is WRAP®?

WRAP® is a self-management and recovery system developed by a group of people who had mental health difficulties and were struggling to incorporate wellness tools and strategies into their lives.

WRAP® is not directed towards a specific population, though it was developed for people who have difficulties with mental and emotional stressors or psychiatric diagnosis. WRAP® is also highly effective as a tool for smoking cessation, weight loss, co-occurring disorders, somatic problems, or any life issues that cause discomfort. We have used WRAP® to return to work, on beginning or leaving relationships, and re-integrating into our communities.

WRAP® is a highly individualized process. It has been successful for so many because we create our own plan, based on who we are and what works in our own lives.

The basic premise of WRAP® is that we can learn to live based on an “I CAN RECOVER AND STAY WELL” attitude, as opposed to an “I can’t” mindset.

WRAP® is an opportunity to see ourselves as our WELLNESS rather than our illness. It provides us with the tools to make our wellness a reality. We can become empowered by our experiences. Our difficulties are no longer crises but OPPORTUNITIES FOR GROWTH.

WRAP® provides us with a step-by-step look at what we need to do to catch ourselves before we fall into the old patterns that have been so unhelpful. Once we are able to identify those patterns, we take action as quickly as possible to avoid the things that did not work well for us in the past.

WRAP® helps us determine what we need to do to stay well on a daily basis. We also learn the value of our support team and how to use it most effectively. We create a powerful set of tools to determine our own full and unique potential.

How do we create a WRAP®?

Many of the OOOMD affiliates offer WRAP® classes and ongoing peer support groups. WRAP® is facilitated by our PEERS, people who have been through many experiences similar to our own and live in our communities. They have lived and worked WRAP® in their own lives and have seen the benefits. They have also been trained to facilitate WRAP®classes.

WRAP® is a tool that you can use in any area of your life. IT IS NOT MEANT TO BE A REPLACEMENT FOR THERAPY, MEDICATION, OR ANY OTHER TOOLS YOU USE IN YOUR RECOVERY, nor is it mandatory to have a WRAP® plan in order to be part of the OOOMD network. We invite you to explore WRAP® and decide for yourself if you’d like to utilize this valuable tool.

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