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Bipolar World
Online self-help environment for individuals with bipolar disorder.


What to Do If You Have a Problem with Drugs?
I can only imagine that admitting you have a problem is one of the hardest things a person could ever face in his or her life. This resource can help people overcome that hurdle.

ADHD and Addiction - What is the Risk?
This helpful article discusses the possible link between addiction and ADHD, and how it can be addressed before addiction takes control.

Perfectionism and Addiction
This author explores a possible link between perfectionism and addiction.

The Risk of Addiction in the Transgender Community: Embracing Your Identity While Coping with Addiction
Members of the LGBTQ community may have a heightened risk of addiction, but there are lots of ways for these individuals to seek help.

10 Reasons to Stay Sober
Recovery is a journey that never really ends. This inspiring piece is written by a young woman who knows firsthand how difficult this road can be -- and encourages anyone
who is struggling to keep going.


Disabled Renters’ Housing Rights

Disability Rights in Housing

How Much Does it Cost to Remodel for Disability Accommodation?

Preparing for Disaster for People with Disabilities and Other Special Needs

Fire Safety and Disabilities Guide

Learn About the Different Types of Service Dogs

How to Cope with Sudden Illness or Disability

Depression and Disability: A Practical Guide

The 45 Warning Signs of Prescription Drug Abuse

How to Stay Physically Active: Aging Well with a Physical Disability

Top Tips for Getting Fit if You’re Disabled

Parenting Children with Special Needs

The Guide to Securing Lifelong Accommodations for Adult Children with Special Needs